MotoGP : AmericanGP Media Debrief - Valentino Rossi

Media Debrief ahead of AmericasGP
Valentino Rossi - 

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“The only thing to do now is look to the future and think about this weekend,” says the nine-time World Champion. “I think it’s important to get back on track, ride the motorcycle, to try to get the maximum and work with the team. I’m very happy to be here. Also because this track is very difficult, so you have a lot of work, it’s very long with a lot of corners – so we have to think about that. Do our work, and try the maximum”

Then, when pressed on his comments at Termas de Rio Hondo, the ‘Doctor’ reaffirmed his opinion.

“I watched the race back, I think exactly what I said after the race in Argentina,” he affirms. “But it’s better to look forward.” The door to talking through the issues with Marquez, however, was left ajar. “Maybe it’s not yet time to talk, but maybe in the future.”

when asked about zarco-pedrosa incident, and zarco not given penalty - he said
"I think that the incident between me and Marquez is worse, but I think also what Zarco did to Pedrosa is not fair. But it's like this."

Rossi's non-score in Argentina means he is currently Eighth in the world championship, 22 points behind Cal Crutchlow. Marquez is fifth trailing 18 points.
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