MotoGP : ValenciaGP: Marc's miraculous save explained!!!

Marc Marquez already impressed us with his miraculous save throught, bu the save in valencia is something which is near impossible, unbelievable, for some people it is the "save of the century".

Marc Marquez need not have to attack or be aggressive to take the lead in the finalshowdown at valencia, but he did.
he explained, ofcourse he would love to win everyrace, and its not really in his DNA to let the chance of winning go away, so he attacked and took the lead, thinking Johan zarco could fight back and would take lead into turn1, thus, making him really push the limits on brakes, and that in turn made him really push the limits of gravity.

Marquez on his save -
“When I got to the corner I saw that I had entered too fast, but I thought ‘I’ll brake it and I’ll go in’. But then, ‘boom!’ I supported my weight with my elbow! I used my elbow and knee as a level, and I think that with the help of the fans, I got the bike back up.”

This is what exactly happened!!
30 meters : Thinking zarco could fight back to take the lead, he braked 30 meters later than himself or anyone on the grid into turn1

50 meters : It passed in what seemed like the miraculous blink of an eye, but the front wheel of Marquez’ Repsol Honda slid a staggering 50 metres as he slammed his knee and elbow down to save it.

64°: The lean angle the rider he reached on the way to getting it back upright before the gravel trap.

153km/h: The speed Marquez was going into Turn 1

Watch it here....
Comment your views/opinions on this save down below...

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