EICMA2018 : Honda unveils CBR650R

Honda Officially reveal CBR650R at EICMA2018, Italy. 

The Honda CB650F has been a decent performer, but it was a little ‘ordinary’ in terms of styling and delivery. But Honda claim that’s all changed with this completely restyled and revamped version – the CB650R.

It is said to be lighter, more sportier and aggressive than the older version CBR650F.
The riding position gets a little more aggressive, with the bars moving forward and down (13mm and 8mm), and the footpegs going back and up (3mm and 6mm) – while the seat height remains a manageable-for-most 810mm. Facing the rider is an attractive and well laid-out all-new LCD dash that’s shared with the CB500 family. While it’s nice, it’s a shame the 650 doesn’t simply steal the CB1000R’s even more sophisticated looking unit.

The engine remains the same 649cc Inline - Four cylinder.
The power output on the new bike is rated at 93 bhp, and torque has also increased to 64 Nm. For 2019, the CBR650R will also get standard traction control system, called the Honda Selectable Torque Control (HSTC) system.

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