BIKERS Vs POSERS - (Biking Scene In India)

"Biker" - The word alone shouts 'Coolness out loud'. Bikers are cool. With their big flashy bikes, expensive riding gears, loud exhausts and shit. Well, At least most of the Indian people have this opinion about bikers.

I see a lot of guys revving their engines unnecessarily when they see chicks, stunting on public roads and whatnot. Some say they are the bikers. I kinda have a different opinion though let’s start from the top.

There has been a lot of commercialization under the name of biking and bikers past few years. And that has inspired a lot of people to start riding a bike. But wait, this just does not end there. Any person buys a powerful bike and becomes a self-proclaimed biker. Most of them are bike admirers, not necessarily bikers.

Let’s talk about so called ‘Bike Rides for a Cause’ bullshit. I admit they have an honest cause behind doing this but at what cost? They gather in 100’s of numbers. And start riding without any thought.  I had an opportunity to ride with a Bikers Club  for a cause ride in hyderabad on the occasion of World Motorcycle Day. There were 50 plus riders in the convoy (for the sake of it). Group Leader was superfast like someone has lit fire under his butt. Closely followed by his other friends, riding the same way he did and others too not knowing their abilities, followed them without any thought. Riding in opposite lanes, dangerously moving on the streets. I stopped and let them go ahead. I didn’t wanna be a part of this mayhem. 

This is what happening in Indian bike scene today. Huge group gatherings. Ridings and sharing the so called brotherhood without actually realizing why they started all this craziness in the first place. I myself prefer riding in small group. I believe “The less people you chill with, the less bullshit you deal with”. Riding brotherhood is not something you share with hundred plus wankers you don’t know anything about or about their riding skills. Brothers look out for each on the streets and in each other’s lives.

There’s a fad of forming riding groups putting some fancy names, getting jackets and doing ‘Long Rides’ of no more that 60-70 km’s on weekend. The biking culture has become like most of the Manchester United or Valentino Rossi followers (I am not generalizing here). They are following something because that’s what other people are doing and that is accepted as SWAG by our society

90% of the time I have ridden Solo until now.
some of my solo tour pics..
Finally met few people whom I trust with my life. When you ride in large groups it’s fun (or that’s what most people think). But when you ride with your people and it becomes a lifetime experience, more than just A to B. Biking culture has given birth to a lot of bikers and posers. 

People call themselves bikers. But they don’t care about the safety of their or others. Doing stunts without helmets and blowing their wads on the streets. They will go to any level to prove they are the best bikers around town.

They fail to understand that biking is not something fancy or something which rock stars do. It’s just a way of life people choose to live by. Getting old while riding with their loved ones and enjoying that open road till the body finally gives up. There is no fancy stuff attached to it. I don’t understand why biking has become a huge commercial market in India to earn money and fame. 

A biker will only ride for himself. He works like a dog, ignores the curses by his friends and family. Save the last dime to put for fuel and to fix his bike. And live life with less or no savings. Just so that he can fucking ride. All that matters is the Road, the Bike and the Biker. Everything is just a Mirage.
If you have heard the below things, (which i heard a lot) u certainly have come across squids/posers, 
- peeche baith, teri phatt jayegi
- bike de , ladki patane
- helmet! zarurat nahi re, 
- mai terese fast chalata,
- wheelie maar re loga dekhte....etc..etc.

Disclaimer- The above point of views were not intended to hurt the sentiments of SQUIDS/POSERS...
Agar phir bhi hurt hota hai to Kripa karke Bhaad me jaye..


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