MotoGP : KTM confident for 2018


Both ktm riders smith and Espargaro happy with testing in valencia.

Espargaro - "I’m super happy and the team is really pumped because we’ve made a big step with the rhythm, grip and turning. We’re focused on that, and we were improving the bike…with the new pieces on the rear part of the bike, it feels so good and the rhythm was really amazing. We can’t ask for more here in Valencia, we need to reconfirm in Jerez."

“We tested rims, swingarms, chassis, electronics…and there are a lot of new guys here, a lot of new young, talented guys who can give us experience. We need to work together a bit more, the progress has been amazing here in Valencia but I think the promise is huge.”

Smith also had good things to say – following another top finish in eleventh in the race, and ending the test much further forward than the same time last year: “This two day test was really important to try a lot of hardware. We didn’t do a lot of laps because each part takes so long to mount and fit. We’ve The main objective was to get some clear objective, especially in the rear end of the bike searching for grip.been focused on the rear end and grip. The second half of the race hasn’t been our traongest point so we’ve been focusing on used tyres and trying to improve the grup in that area. Yesterday I had one program and Pol had the other, then today we reversed. I think the new parts we had are a good step forward but we also want to do more and start pushing the guys in the top ten. It’s amazing what this company has done in such a short amount of time.”

Mike Leitner, KTM Motorsport On-Road Vice President, said the test for the factory KTM with even more positivity as the future seems to get brighter and brighter.

Image courtsey - carmagram

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