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Motovlogging : what is Motovlogging, well for those who still dont know what it is, It is video log recorded by a person while riding/driving.
 A rider who creates video blogs known as a Motovlogger, and the action of making Motovlogs is called Motovlogging. Most Motovloggers upload their videos on YouTube, Monetise it and earn Money. It sounds easy isn't. 
but why am i talking about motovlogging? 
story goes likes.....

I have been to (IBW) India Bike Week this year in Vagator,Goa, IBW considered to be the biggest biker festival in south asia. Freddie Spencer 3 Time GP Motorcycle Racing Champion was invited to the event. This was my first time witnessing such a huge biker event. 
was amazed to see large group of bikers flashing their bikes & all... this was really amazing for the first timer.  I'll share my experience at IBW2017 later, lets stick to our topic...
As i was moving around here and there to have a glimpse of rare and modified motorcycles, i noticed some people were manhandling a boy or so-called Motovlogger. the next day i came to know about the incident what exactly happened. he clicked photos of some superbikes and uploaded on his social media account insulting the bikes calling "most fucked up bike in the world" and so, someone one might have noticed that and informed the owners of the insulted bikes. they traced him and the rest happened. Later the IBW officials banned the pune bikers from attending the event in future. So this was the story, Was very sad to see such filthy behaviour from Bikers. Bikers are considered to be the most kindhearted and compassionate people. i personally dont consider such people as bikers. they are rather better to be called posers. The so-called Motovlogger now  has become popular in motovlogger community,this was one the most discussed after event topic on 2017 IBW
, some newspaper even published this shit. 
so the topic, why motovlogging.. 
It has become a trend now-a-days to start a motovlog channel and earn easily on youtube.
just google the topic "Motovlogging" you'll find the results how to start, what cameras, camera setup, earnings and so....Any aira gaira is purchasing a Gopro, mounting it and cruising through traffic uploading videos...Is this we call motovlog...?
Responsibility comes along the success, people will hear you, try the things you are good at. 
I saw a video on Youtube some #@%$ channel, the guy may have never ridden a 300cc bike is reviewing a bike 600cc bike..F@#$!!
I really like "Zohair Ahmed" vlogs, he share sensible content, informative and much related to Motorcycling, also uses hyderabadi lang in between..
"The Spirited Biker" is another underrated motovlogger from hyderabad, shares some awesome scenic beauties from nothern parts, n most of time he rides solo.

I used to watch Mumbiker Nikhil vlogs, he redefined  Motovlogging, Inspired many to take motovlogging as passion, but has now moved to lifestyle vlogging.. not anymore related to my likes, so stopped following him,

"Everyday India" one of my favourite Motovloggers, informative content, sensible, and fun.

waiting to see someone in future who dedicates/sticks his motovlog channel to road safety, traffic norms, highway and solo touring..

Nothing personal if anyone my of readers resemble and get hurts, it is just a concern, ... agar phir bhi aag lagti hai to.... jao kabhi haweli pe..

Jate Jate ek wakya...
Call yourself a "Biker" only if you obey the traffic norms and being kind to people... there are lot of biker codes available on google..go through & try follow them.

Comment ka column aise hi nahi hai,,, comment karte raho, hosla badhate raho...

PC - google

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