MotoDiaries India : Rajini Krishnan the fastest Indian on Two wheels needs support

Rajini Krishnan at MalaysiaSuberbike Championship
When it comes to Motorcycle Racing , the only name that comes to your mind could be Valentino Rossi.
But we in India too have someone whom we can proudly call our own Superbike champion Rajini Krishnan.
Rajini with valentino Rossi
If you are an Indian Motorsport enthusiast, you should have heard the name Rajini Krishnan.
if you dont know who he is, let me introduce him
He is the fastest Indian on two wheels
9 times National Champion
Losail Asian Champion
Malaysian superbike champion 2015
and along with Sarath Kumar, he did the Spanish Moto3 championship in 2013, and that’s about as close to the top of motorcycle racing scene as any Indian has ever got.

Its a shame to the Nation to see such a talent going waste without Govt support..All the GOI care about is the wealth and the profit,  which they have been earning from cricket..
the scenario gets ridiculous as you go deep to fetch the problems Rajini is facing.....
the more you research about him, the more depressing it gets.
Injuries, lack of money, lack of support, and lack of media attention are some to say...
for example..lets look at the media aproach
In 2013, Rajini won at the Losail Asian Road Racing Championship in Qatar, the first Indian to do so.
but how many of you know..
I can’t find a single article about this, no media coverage. The media was busy covering the IPL after match parties, shitty movie box office collections and so..

I am not against cricket but why are the people here so obsessed with the sport..
Companies know that there’s a huge audience behind every cricket match, so they don't mind spending tonnes of money to create ads that are squeezed through every second of the broadcast. Because companies spend money, the players get money. Because the players get money, they are famous, so they get more money through ads and endorsements. Because they are rich and famous, parents want their kids to be like them, so they spend money for coaching and equipment. Because parents themselves support the game, everybody at home watches the matches. Because everybody watches, companies have the reach to every age group, every language and so..

Manufacturers - all they care about are no. of motorcycle sales and kmpl figures. There are a few companies like Honda, TVS, KTM who have invested in racing, but the direction of their efforts is less towards improving the overall Motorsports culture in India, and more towards marketing their own respective brands.

Mahindra is the sole indian manufacturer to respesent themselves at moto3 world championship for a while now, but they never used that expertise in any of their fleet/products...they neither attempted to bring that level of racing to the home country nor employed any Indian racers,mechanics,technicians to give them international exposure...

Since no manufacturer cares about racing, no manufacturer spends money for sponsorships, endorsements or ads. Since there is no influx of money, no channel covers the events, and none of the people involved make any decent amount. Since they don’t make any money, they aren’t rich. Since they aren’t rich they aren’t famous.

"There are opportunities in WSBK but we need manufacturer support especially from India to make it happen. Budget is the main roadblock to compete in WSBK because to race full championship, it requires at least four to five crores (of Indian money)" Rajini said in an interview given to Motosports last year..
he further added
"Outside that, I am looking at Spanish championship where the budget is about one crore (INR), that again is down to the manufacturer support. Even after winning the Malaysian SBK with Kawasaki, I haven't had any support from the manufacturer, even from their Indian HQ, despite requests".
Whether I race in WSBK or Asia Road Racing Championship, I'll need sponsors. The championships at higher level is big and so competing privately is not possible".

Apart from full time racing, Rajini runs  Racing Academy- RACR (Rajini academy of competative racing) in chennai to let riders come and learn basics to expert level, also serves platform to get into Motorcycle racing.

Rajini Krishnan is looking to particate in Moto2 world chamionship this year 2018, with under 3 months to go for the season opener at Qatar in march, he has to make sure, be ready with enough fund( minimum 1cr rupees) to compete in the competition. In an interaction with at xBhp members at an event, Rajini Krishnan said 30% of the amount has been managed and looking for financial support for the rest 70%, time is less and running out, I wish and hope he gets support as soon as possible...hope for the best..

Images credit - Rajini Krishnan 

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